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Thunder Tiger GP-42 Aero Engine (TT9041)


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The Thunder Tiger GP-42 Aero Engine is designed to combine high performance with easy handling and maintenance using CAD computer technology. Major components of the engine are machined from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing techniques, resulting in consistent-high quality and reliability.
The GP-42 engine is equipped with maintenance-free bronze bushings, Schnuerle porting, a special ABN type piston and cylinder sleeve, an easily adjusted air bleed carburetor, and a safe angular needle valve. The GP-42 engine has been specifically-designed to suit both beginners and experienced modelers.
Displacement: 6.9cc
Output: 1.1bhp / 14000rpm
Bore: 21.5mm
Stroke: 19mm
Practical RPM: 2000 ~ 15000
Weight: 357g
Designed for sport airplane use
One-piece crankcase structure
Bronze bushing support for easier maintenance
Air bleed carburetor design for easier adjustments
Aluminum piston with Nickel-plated brass cylinder liner
Swept back needle valve for added safety during adjustment
Side exhaust
3-chamber muffler included
GP-42 Aero Engine
Muffler Assembly
Carburetor Assembly
Instruction Manual
Manufacturer: Thunder Tiger
Model: TT9041 GP-42 Aero Engine