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DJI NAZA-H Helicopter Gyro System com GPS



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Product description
The Naza-H autopilot system is a new platform designed for the helicopter model enthusiast.
It inherits the Naza series’s All-in-One design with many built-in high performance functions such as tailgyro, flybarless, and multiple flight control modes. It also supports DBUS.
With the GPS module, stability is no longer a problem.
From novice to aggressive 3D, the Naza H perfectly meets the needs of different flying styles.
It is not just another FBL controller; it is the best choice for the discerning model helicopter pilot.
GPS Module
The plug and play Naza-H GPS module can provide accurate positioning.
With the GPS Module, Naza-H can have the longitude, latitude and altitude locked even in windy conditions to achieve precise hovering within a small area.
Note: NAZA-H Unit does not come with NAZA Power Mangement Unit / BEC Module.
3D Flying with NAZA-H Flybarless Gyro System - It works perfectly with Flybarless Helicopter - 450~800 class

NAZA-H with GPS Module - The GPS Module came with the NAZA-H, now you can hands off the transmitter and it stays there!

How to install the NAZA-H Flight Controller?

GPS for perfect positioning, it will be hovering still at the same spot
The plug and play GPS module makes flying helicopter easier with accurate Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control functionality. With the GPS Module, the helicopter will have position and altitude locked accurately even in windy conditions. Hovering accuracy is approximately 2.5m horizontal and 0.8m vertical.
Features of Naza-H
• All-in-One Design
Naza-H has inherited the All-in-One design of the Naza series of autopilot systems. With the innovative All-in-One design, it contains inner damping, controllers, a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a barometer in its light and small main controller. It simplifies installation and saves space and weight and its firmware can be upgraded over the internet.
•Built-in Tail Gyro/Flybarless Supported
The high-performance FBL (flybarless) system, with a linear and smooth control feeling, is specially designed for model enthusiasts, specifically for hard 3D flight. The system fully meets the requirements of the novice and professional pilot and more importantly you can also set different flight styles anytime you want. The system has plenty of advanced functions, such as the pirouette compensation and auto trim which allows you to feel the ease of stabilization as well as experience the hard 3D flight.
• Support for Multiple Electric Helicopter Platforms
Naza-H is suitable for a variety of electric helicopter platforms from small to large, such as 450, 500, 600 and 700 size, etc. At the same time Naza-H supports different swashplate types. In addition to the most commonly used 6 types of swashplate, users can also use virtual swashplate rotation to fine tune the helicopter characteristics.
• Real-time Voltage Monitoring
Naza-H can measure the servo voltage and can also measure the power battery voltage if the customer uses the DJI BEC. Users can set a safe voltage threshold according to their usage, when the voltage is lower than the preset voltage, the main controller will raise an alarm through the LED indicator.
• Advanced Attitude and Control Algorithm
Naza-H has inherited the high stability technology of DJI autopilot systems. It combines a GPS (optional), a 6-DoF inertial measurement unit, a magnetic field meter and a barometric altimeter with the most robust algorithms in robot control theory. With the advanced GPS/INS sensor fusion algorithm technology and the highly robust H-infinity control as the foundation, it makes the whole system more accurate even in high vibration and high mobility environments. All these ensure the helicopter always maintains flight stability, mobility and precision, all of which makes flying easier.
• GPS Module
The plug and play Naza-H GPS module can provide accurate positioning. With the GPS Module, Naza-H can have the longitude, latitude and altitude locked even in windy conditions to achieve precise hovering within a small area.
• Multiple Flight Control Modes/Intelligent Switching Naza-H offers three control modes: GPS Attitude Mode (with optional GPS module), Attitude Mode and Manual Mode. Customers can switch between the three modes using the transmitter.
• D-BUS Supported
Naza-H supports both ordinary receivers and the Futaba S-Bus receiver. The S-Bus receiver uses only one servo cable to connect S-Bus and the Naza-H, utilizing seven channels of the receiver. The installation is very neat and tidy due to less wiring.
• Independent LED Module
The Independent LED module makes the indication of the flight status and the system status to the ground much clearer. The pilot can get information more quickly and more conveniently, even at night, he/she can get real-time flight information feedback through the LED flashing frequency and color. In addition, the module has a USB interface, which is used for parameter settings and firmware upgrade.
• Intelligent Fail-Safe Mode
Through the Naza-H you can set the intelligent failsafe for protection, which guarantees the aircraft will automatically hover when the Tx signal is lost
• Independent BEC Module
The independent BEC module, with a wide voltage input (11V-52V) and a variable voltage output (5.8V, 7.4V) can power not only the main controller, but also the servos and receiver. Users can change the output voltage according to their servos, and stable output current is provided without an extra battery pack. The use of the BEC makes the aircraft lighter and the voltage more stable, plus less batteries to worry about.
• Simple Assistant Software and Firmware Upgrade
The user interface of the assistant software has been comprehensively updated, and instructions will automatically appear which is very convenient. In addition, on the left of each menu section there is detailed introduction. The logical design makes your parameter settings more simple and convenient. Like other DJI products the Naza-H firmware can be upgraded online.
• Future firmware upgrade to give Semi-auto Take-off & Landing


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DJI NAZA-H Helicopter Gyro System com GPS

DJI NAZA-H Helicopter Gyro System com GPS